Item # Click image for larger photo Details Price PLUS Shipping
LGB-3007-AC Sold 1993 25TH Anniversary
Limited Edition
LGB 3019 Sold Post Office Car Sold
LGB 3041 Sold Sighseeing Car

needs footboard reattached
LGB 3042 Sold Beer Barrel Car
Barrel opens to show table and bench
LGB 3150 Sold 150 Year Anniversary Passenger Car Sold
LGB 33800 Sold S.R.& R. L. Passenge Car Sold
LGB-4002 (7) Sold Cable Reel cars (7) Sold
LGB 4011 Service Car with hindged access doors $50
LGB 4044 (1) Sold 170mm Gondola Sold
LGB 4044 (2) Sold 170mm Gondolas
(no boxes)
LGB 4045 Sold 170mm Flat w/Stakes
Includes 5 barrels
LGB 4065 Rio Grande Bobber Caboose
early version
LGB 4067-JD Sold Special Edition Jack Daniels Whiskey Box Car Sold
LGB 4068 D & RGW Stock Car
with Kadee couplers
LGB 4070 Limited Edition Budwiser Reefer $150
LGB 4072-P01 Colorado Midland Reefer
with Kadee couplers
LGB 4073 C03 Sold D&RGW High Side Gondola Sold
LGB 4074-B02 D,S.P. & P.
with Kadee couplers
LGB 4075 Sold D&RGW Combine Caboose Sold
LGB 4076 Sold E. B.T. Coal Hopper
with Kadee couplers
LGB 4080 Y01 Transcon Single Dome Tanker $65
LGB 4080 Y05 Sold San Diego & Arizona Single Dome Tanker Sold
LGB 4090 Lake George
"Route of the Beaver"
with Kadee couplers
LGB 4131-2 Sold Euro Reefer
with 2 decals
LGB 4131-3 Sold Euro Reefer Sold
LGB 41600 Sold "TWO" S.R.& R.L. Flat Cars Sold
LGB 4169 Sold Flat with Lumber Load Sold
LGB 4174 Sold D&RG RY Reefer Sold
LGB 42362 Sold Sheep Sound Car Sold
LGB 4268-S Sold Stock Car w/Cattle Sound Sold
LGB 42690 C & S Flat
with Kadee couplers
LGB 4360-DG Sold Wilson Bros. Flat Sold
LGB 43650 C&S Caboose
(two available)
LGB 94008 Sold Dynamite Car Sold

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