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Item # Click image for larger photos Price PLUS Shipping Details Notes
LGB 2001 Sold Sold  
LGB 2020 Beer Sold Sold Nuremberg Beer Loco no box
LGB 2033 Sold Sold Swiss Service Pantograph Locomotive will work with track or pantograph
LGB 2028-D $225
Kadee on rear detached cowcatcher,
one boiler railing stantion missing,
bell missing.
LGB 2060-H Sold Sold    
LGB 2090 Coke Sold Sold    
LGB 2119-D Sold Sold Kadee coupler  
LGB 2319-S Sold Sold    
LGB 20251 Sold Sold New, never run  
LGB 20670 Sold Sold Track cleaning locomotive little use
LGB 20680 Sold Sold Motorized Rail Truck  
LGB 20882 Sold Sold Uintah 2-6-6-2
with Kadee couplers
LGB 2217/6 Sold Sold Powered tender  
LGB 2317/6 Sold Sold Powered tender  

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