Welcome to the Mystic Springs Railway & Logging Co.

Typical logging camp c1900 (non-skid style)

1:8 Scale Logging Camp Structures Construction Page


Camp train on storage track (awaiting three flats)

Files shed with roof
painted gray

Walkways and ramps.
Long ones are 4' each.

Office-blacksmith on flat body

All four ready for roofs.

Kitchen/Dining skid finished.

Other three structures ready to take to RR.

Kitchen/Dining skid on flat.
Office/Blacksmith Shop on skids. Being built March 2010

Office/Blacksmith bottom left.

Office side.

Charts and maps of logging operation.
Kitchen/Dining Room on skids. Being built March 2010

Skid frame. 16" x 52".
Same underframe used on all cabins.

Floor deck positioned on frame.

Kitchen end with cooks back door.

Looking back from dining area into kitchen area.
Green was used to make it easier to see inside through windows.

Painting underframe.
Note other three cabins are
cut out in background.
Saw Filers shed on skids, built in 2008
Surry Parker Log Loader, built in 2009. Published article on loader.

Major structure framing completed.

Raised booms with deck still lowered.

Adding details.

Loader and Filers Shed
on 10' flat for movement
around railroad.